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Merge Cannon is a fun, easy to learn, and exciting strategy game for people of all ages. In the game you control a team of chickens who must fend off waves of invading Vikings by shooting them with eggs from a giant slingshot in the sky. You can also use special power-ups to help you fight off the invasion.

Merge Cannon is a long awaited long awaited game that will have you on the edge of your seat with its beautiful graphics, challenging levels, and innovative gameplay. You'll have to use your wits to keep the chicken safe from the evil cats and their relentless attacks! Keep calm and merge on!

Bet you've never seen cannons like these! A game of strategy and skill, Merge Cannon puts your skills to the test as you merge your cannons to form unstoppable towers. Design your kingdom for victory by using each tower's strengths to full advantage. You'll have hours of fun with our randomly generated maps, fast-paced gameplay, and various graphics customization options.

Play Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense Consolidation Cannon: Chicken Guard - This game is a blend of two sorts of union and protection! The multitude of chickens is walking up to your palace. We need your assistance now! Consolidation cannons, redesign your palace, and shield it from the chickens! There are floods of chickens that will wrap up with the end supervisor chicken! The opportunity has arrived to combine your cannons and protect your palace from these rough chickens. Is it true that you are prepared, or will you back down? Guidance utilize the mouse (in-game instructional exercise)

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