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In the Castle Defender Saga, players must prepare their castle for raiders. They can collect gold from mines or attack other castles to loot for cash. Players can also invest in upgrades to improve their defenses.

The siege has begun! The monsters are attacking your castle, and it's time to defend it. Castle Defender Saga is a tower defense game with a twist. Not only do you have to build defensive towers, but you also need to ensure your army goes on the offence too. Assemble an army of archers, knights, mages, and other units to defeat the evil hordes. But beware! There are waves upon waves of monsters coming

Play Castle Defender Saga Safeguard your palace against the foe intrusion. Train your toxophilite, knights, and rangers to battle adversary powers. Advance and update your entertainers to project sublime spells on the foe. Call golems to crush the foe troops to pieces. Guard against a large number of influxes of adversary assaults. What number of waves would you be able to endure? Key Components Perpetual pinnacle protection Unit expertise updates Elaborate examination tree Guidance Tap the fight button to begin battling wave of adversaries Tap the lightning mage to enchant Tap the fighter to call battle units Tap the ability button to show expertise redesign menu. Tap the lightning mage to show unit determination menu. Overhaul the palace to expand wellbeing and mana guides Redesign the town toxophilite toward increment harm yield.

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